Wednesday, November 7, 2012

REVIEW: Tarte Fantastic Foursome Set!

 I was so so *SO* excited to get my hands on this set (exclusive to Sephora and limited edition, $35) because the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes are my absolute favorite and this set of 4 all new shades! Each blush is .10 oz., so exactly half of the regular sized blushes. 

Angelic - shimmering golden champagne highlighter
Magic - matte coral peach blush
Fantastic - matte light bright pink
Stellar - shimmering bronzey brown (could be used as a bronzer or a blush)

Fantastic is definitely the best performing blush in the set. It applied like a dream and was just gorgeous on the skin. The most disappointing shade was Stellar, the shimmer in the product is a bit overpowering and it takes a TON of layering to make the product show up properly on the skin. 

Overall, I am impressed with the set and think it would make a great Christmas gift for fans of the Tarte Amazonion Clay line:)

Top Left to Right: Fantastic, Angelic
Bottom Left to Right: Magic, Stellar

Above: Magic

Above: Angelic

Above: Fantastic

Above: Stellar

Left to Right: Fantastic, Magic, Angelic, Stellar

Left to Right: Stellar, Fantastic, Angelic, Magic

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